2015 represents 8 years of refinement and improvement to our performance and quality. We only use the best quality materials. Our original kite designs are laser cut for the most precise accuracy and highest quality build to make one of the best performing kites available built form over 10 years of experience.

ARGO 2015
The super stable all round kite for everyone, the Argo 2015 is ideal for beginners to pro, wave riders, free ride and freestyle. The curved leading edge, reflex pulley bridle and 4 strut design make the 2015 Argo the most stable, easy to relaunch, gust friendly massive wind range kite available. Independent reviews of the Argo state that the Argo is "The kite for everyone". The Argo is your choice for a user friendly all round kite, freestyle high jumps and kite looping, wave riding and free ride.

TRX 2015
The 4th Generation TRX bring a massive improvement over the 2014 and older TRX kites, The bottom end power has been massively improved, the kite jumps higher and has extra float on the way down and the drift is much improved. The 2015 12m TRX now has the power of a larger kite, with the turning and agility of a smaller kite. The 3 Strut design makes the kite light and fast. The TRX 2015 is the choice for a fast agile FUN wave kite that does it all. Ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who want a high performance, responsive fast turning wave kite, that can also mega boost, kite loop and turn on a dime without pulling you off your board.

An Australian kite surfing hardware design company. The original designers of the "centre less" strut kites and quick switch pulley-less kite bridle system.

Made with the best materials available, Teijin canopy from Japan, Cousin lines from France, Ronstan Parts from Australia and tested and refined globally.